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Whimsical Woodland Crown


Inspired by woodland gardens, Acorns, Oak leaves, Dogwood blooms and Lily of the Valley which makes me swoon. Lovingly handcrafted using copper and clay, each leaf and flower are patiently hand cut and formed to create a playful adaptation of the plants true nature.They are then painted in layers and aged to create a charming old world patina. I bind them with silk ribbon and attach brass combs to hold the crown comfortably in place. These crowns are flexible and can be shaped to fit children and adults…

Each crown has the option to be made as a crown which is worn to the front and has combs either side or to be as a halo which is arranged onto a headband.


Thank you for your interest in my pieces. Please know that they are delicate handcrafted objects and needs to be handled with love and care.
You will need to avoid coming in contact with moisture, perfumes or other substances that can cause damage to the painted surface.