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Heirloom Trophies


Memorable moments are brought to life, reflected upon, captured, acknowledged and celebrated by these thoughtfully considered and exquisitely handcrafted keepsakes. Created to be offered as tokens of love, gestures of beauty, heirlooms to be enjoyed forever.

Scoured from history, the time honoured trophies are collected from antiques stores, markets and and reinvented and revived with carefully selected flowers and foliage all lovingly handmade from copper and clay…

Each trophy has a bespoke copper ribbon wound through the front of the arrangement where names , dates or a phrase can be displayed to celebrate your special occasion… each heirloom trophy is unique and  extraordinarily special.

If you have any dreams or desires for celebrating special personal events, Aimee is very happy to work together with you to create something magical... Please feel free to contact me directly at

Care Instructions

Thank you for your interest in my pieces. Please know that they are delicate handcrafted objects and needs to be handled with love and care.
You will need to avoid coming in contact with moisture, perfumes or other substances that can cause damage to the painted surface.